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13 May 2019

Industrial Lighting

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Portable Industrial
Lighting Solutions

Portable lighting enables your team to work at night or in dark areas where there is no power supply. Using handheld lights removes any safety issues caused by trailing cables and lets you place lights exactly where you need them, such as remote work areas or confined spaces and tanks.

To maximise productivity, rechargeable, battery operated lights need to be able to last for a whole shift without loss of brightness. Look for a battery indicator to provide reassurance that the charge is sufficient for the current job.

Portable lights need to be lightweight enough that all staff can carry them in one hand while keeping the other hand on a handrail, complying with safety regulations and manual handling rules.

“We have found the range of equipment to be manufactured to the highest quality, such that the products withstand years of usage, often in the harshest of environments"

-Gavin Caspersz

Ensure that your work lights are impact tested so that they continue to operate after the inevitable knocks or drops that occur on a busy industrial site. Dust resistance and water resistance are also vital attributes if you want your floodlights to last.

Our best in class LED lights with an impressive 8,000 lumen output are perfect for large work area needing bright lighting all day and night. With a service life of up to 100,000 hours you know that this light will last and last.

The Aurora LED is an upgraded version of the original Aurora CFL light of which was trusted by industry leaders for over 30 years. The LED version allows the Aurora to deliver more light for a greater length of time whilst providing up to 10x more light source service life.

Temporary Industrial
Lighting Solutions

Temporary lights enable work to continue on site at all times of day and night throughout the year, so your night shift can operate in bright, daylight conditions.

By linking a number of lights together from one power supply you can illuminate a wide work area safely with the minimum of cables. Bespoke linking lets you arrange the lights exactly as you need them for your site and our experienced team can advise on the exact number of lights that you can connect from your power source. In many circumstances, between 10 and 20 floodlights can be safely linked.

An IP66/67 rated light head is completely dust and water tight, including withstanding powerful water jets and submersion in up to one metre of water. These lights are suitable for use in warehouses, yards, works sites and even washbays providing total peace of mind that the light won’t cut out despite rough treatment in busy, heavy industrial environments.

“We are really satisfied with the professionalism of the BME Nitech company. The quality of its products gives us the confidence to accept new challenges."

-Ignacio Arbeloa, Commercial Director
Luznor Desarollos

A choice of mounting options gives the flexibility to use temporary lights in any size of area. Choose from clip mounting for scaffolding, stairs and walkways, magnets for mounting on equipment, wall mounts or floor stands for large areas without suitable walls.