Zone 0 Flashlight

Technical Information

Area of Use:
Zone 0, I, II (Gas), Zone 0, I, II (Dust)
Ex I M1 Ex ia I Ma
Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
IECEx UL15.0046X
Protection Concepts:
'ia' intrinsic safety
Temperature Class:
T4 (135°C)
High - 180, Low - 70
High - 11hrs 10 minutes, Low - 36hrs
Spotlight Distance:
High - 116m, Low - 72m
Floodlight Distance:
High - 26m, Low - 16m
Ingress Protection:
Ambient Temperature:
-20°C to +40°C
4x AA Alkaline Batteries

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Product Description

The HL-180 Zone 0 Flashlight is a battery powered, lightweight, handheld flashlight certified for safe operation within ATEX/IECEx Zone 0, Zone I and Zone II potentially explosive atmospheres containing gas, vapour, mist and dust. Able to use within a T4 classification, the flashlight delivers a combination of spotlighting (for long distance illumination) and floodlighting (for short distance illumination).

The flashlight has three modes that are easily selected by the rotating switch: low; high; and flashing. In the ‘high’ mode the flashlight delivers an output of 180 lumens for up to 11 hours 10 minutes. The ‘low’ setting decreases the lumens to 70 but greatly increase the operation time up to 36 hours. The spotlight provides a focused beam using a 12° optic with a distance of 116m (high) and 72m (low) respectively. The floodlight beam is provided with a 46° optic to give an even light source over a distance of 26m (high) and 16m (low).

The moulding incorporates a safety lock which prevents accidental operation of the twist switch. A grub screw fastener is present to lock the head of the flashlight into place to prevent unauthorised access and users changing the battery whilst located in the hazardous area. The batteries are only to be changed out whilst the user is in a designated safe area. The lightweight construction (143g) ensures that the product is easily handled and carried across the workplace.