Zone I Portable LED Light

Technical Information

Area of Use:
Zones I and II Gas; Zones 21 and 22 Dust
EX II 2GD Ex eb ib mb opis IIB+H2S T4 Ex tb T85oC
To be Confirmed
Protection Concepts:
eb – Increased Safety; ib – Intrinsic Safety; mb – Encapsulation; opis – Inherently Safe Optical Radiation; tb – Dustight Enclosures
Temperature Class:
Surface Temperature:
2780 lumens
16x 1W LEDs
Up to 10 Hours
8.25 kg
Ingress Protection:
Ambient Temperature:
-20°C to +40°C
Colour Temperature:
Valve Regulated Absorbent Glass Mat Sealed Lead Acid
Light Source Service Life:
35,000 hours
Charging Voltage:
100Vac to 264Vac
Recharge Time:
9 Hours from 0%

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Product Description

The Guardian Zone I LED Portable light is a rechargeable, durable, lightweight unit that is certified for safe use within ATEX/IECEx Zone I and Zone II potentially explosive atmospheres containing gas, vapour, mist and dust. Able to use within T4 classification, the light delivers a soft, daylight balanced output of 2,780 lumens for up to 9 hours with a low maintenance light source service life of 35,000 hours.

The control module with built-in high efficient LED driver allows safe, consistent operation of the light and protects the battery by low voltage detection alerts through audio and visual indicators. This prevents deep discharge conditions to increase the light source service life of the light. The light can charged using 240V mains and contains an indicated charging status on the module.

Built from high pressure, die-cast aluminium and specially coated, the light is able to withstand the harsh, corrosive conditions expected in potentially hazardous environments. The unit is made of two IP65 rated enclosures joined together with SY braided cable ensuring protection against the ingress of dust and water jets from all angles. The light-head enclosure is complete with a 3mm thick UV resistant, ductile, polycarbonate lens.

The major benefit to the Guardian range is its’ lightweight construction with the complete build weighing less than 10kgs. This allows a single man to carry the unit whilst maintaining one hand on the handrail when climbing stairs or using access towers.