PORTABLE LIGHTING. ATEX Zone I/II Certified Lights - Aerospace Industry


BME Nitech were tasked with the provision of Zone I/II hazardous area portable lighting to aid with the inspection of internal fuel lines and aerospace engine components.

Due to the nature of the potentially hazardous area this requires ATEX Zone I/II certified lights to carry out the essential maintenance where lighting and visibility is poor.


Challenge & Solution

Jet fuel has an auto-ignition temperature of 210oC meaning that BME Nitech had to provide lighting that met a T2 classification.

BME Nitech had 2 options to present to the client from the Guardian portable hazardous area light range that met the requirement with a T4 classification (135oC max).

Result & Value to Client

The client selected the Zone I/II portable rechargeable CFL light as it suited the purpose of inspection lighting better than the high output LED light. The client is now able to confidently inspect components within hazardous areas safely within the Temperature Class limits.