Portable LED Lighting. The Aurora LED and Guardian Zone I/II LED portable rechargeable lights - Rail Industry


BME Nitech were tasked with the provision of industrial and Zone 0/I/II hazardous area portable LED lighting for the illumination of extremely remote areas within the UK-wide rail network, where there is no localised power supply.

To overcome the lack of power supply for the provision of 110V/230V temporary LED lighting where essential inspection, maintenance and emergency repairs are needed to be carried out within harsh environmental conditions.

Tunnels along the network provide their own issues with the potentially hazardous areas created by the presence of naturally produced gasses in a confined space area.

Challenge & Solution

In remote areas, up to 30 miles away from the nearest civilisation, the operator will be reliant on the portable LED lighting to be functional throughout all weather conditions, and eventualities to be able to carry out the job safely.

Where confined space within tunnels is identified prior to a work scope being carried out the Zone 0/I/II hazardous area portable lights would be specified. 

BME Nitech from its’ varied solution solving lights could offer a selection of coordinated LED lights, each with its’ own function to counteract the needs of the job.

The Aurora LED and Guardian Zone I/II LED portable rechargeable lights were presented for the provision of lighting to remote areas due to their ability to withstand harsh environments and their high IP67 rating whilst being able to provide a high output for extended durations.

For tunnel works, BME Nitech presented the Guardian Zone I/II LED portable light and the Zone 0/I/II HL180 flashlight both of which are certified to work within potentially hazardous areas.

Result & Value to Client

The client was presented with a solution to all scenarios and problems arising from varied work scopes requiring portable rechargeable LED lighting for industrial and Zone 0/I/II hazardous areas. This gave them the peace of mind and confidence use BME Nitech as their primary supplier for a one-stop solution.