LED Floodlights. Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales Aircraft Carrier - Naval/Military


BME Nitech were tasked with the provision of industrial and Zone I/II hazardous area temporary linkable LED floodlights to assist the BME Services team in the inspection and surface preparation of both flight decks and hangar areas onboard the Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales aircraft carriers.

The client was working night-shift in tents where no lighting was available and no power points were in close proximity.


Challenge & Solution

The challenge presented was to establish a temporary lighting system that was flexible, quick to assemble, provided a high output, weather-resistant and adaptable to ever-changing conditions and requirements of the job. With the potential of fuel being present within the fuel lines below deck, the LED temporary floodlights would need to meet T2 requirements.

Adhering to MOD lighting requirements with NATO approval, BME Nitech supplied both industrial lighting and hazardous area lighting options to BME Services. For the industrial temporary LED floodlights, the Galaxy LED, was provided with a plug-and-play set-up on floor stands to maximise floor space and positioning around the workspace. The Zone I/II hazardous area LED floodlights were fitted with magnet and scaffold mounts to allow the temporary lighting system to move as the job progressed.

Result & Value to Client

The LED lights enabled the client to continually work 24 hours to complete the work scope ahead of schedule. The industrial temporary lights now serve an additional purpose for the client by lighting an industrial wash bay onsite due to the IP67 rating.