Intrinsically Safe Flashlights. Supply of Zone 0/I/II certified flashlights - Offshore Tooling Containers


BME Nitech was tasked with the supply of Zone 0/I/II hazardous area intrinsically safe flashlights for offshore tooling containers.

The existing Zone 0/I/II flashlights were not ideal for the inspection tasks, due to their size, low operating times, low output, limited function, high cost and low IP rating.


Challenge & Solution

BME Nitech had to ensure that all criteria and Zone 0/I/II hazardous area certification was not only met but exceeded requirements while keeping within the limited budget set-out.

As a stock item, BME Nitech had the Zone 0 HL180 flashlight as an already Zone 0/I/II certified flashlight. The product exceeded all of the requirements with high output, long-distance spot function, flood function, rugged design, high IP67 rating and low cost within budget.

Result & Value to Client

The client is delighted with the product as they have an upgraded Zone 0/I/II hazardous area flashlight well within their budget. The client has established further uses for the product out-with the offshore tooling containers for multiple work scopes and have set-up an exclusive call-off with BME Nitech.